the Illinois House celebrates the life of Paxton’s Clayton Hale

Rep. Bennett passed a resolution in the House this week celebrating the life of Clayton Hale, an exceptional young man from the Paxton community who at the young age of 26 recently passed away from cancer of the brain.  Clayton’s parents were present in the House gallery for the presentation.

“Although he had suffered much in a variety of ways, he was inspirational, demonstrated an amazing courage and a tremendous attitude upbeat.  Clayton never knew a stranger, always had a smile for others, never complained, never got down.  He was just very likeable in so many ways.  He often liked to go a local bridge in Paxton IL and there watch the trains go by.  The residents of Paxton plan to name the bridge after him.  He touched many lives in his community in a very positive way and left a wonderful legacy to his family and his community,” Representative Bennett said.