Rep. Bennett Refuses Pay for the Duration of the Budget Stalemate

As the state budget stalemate continues into mid-July, State Representative Tom Bennett

(R-Gibson City) this week officially gave notice to the State Comptroller that he will refuse his own pay until the budget is resolved.

“Speaker Madigan refuses to budge on his demand that we once again spend billions of dollars more than we will take in in revenue, and he’s willing to sacrifice state employees’ paychecks to achieve his demands. Yesterday he pushed through the House an unbalanced temporary budget that had employee salaries tacked on as a last minute amendment. The catch is that he knows it’s unbalanced and he knows that it will be vetoed; leaving state employees in the lurch once again.  Meanwhile, my House Republican colleagues and I have twice in two weeks introduced simple, clean legislation that does nothing but authorize payment to state employees that the Governor would sign. Speaker Madigan won’t even allow that legislation to be debated on the House floor,” Representative Bennett said.

This week Representative Bennett sent State Comptroller Leslie Munger official notice to suspend his own paychecks* until the budget is resolved. Representative Bennett noted that contradicting court opinions on the pay issue this week continue to leave unclear the status of state employee pay as the July 15th pay day for many employees approaches.

“There are two ways to resolve this issue: pass legislation that the Governor will sign, or obtain a clear court opinion. So far, we have neither,” Representative Bennett said. “If some state employees go without paychecks until this gets worked out, then so will I.”

* The Honorable Comptroller Leslie G. Munger
   325 West Adams
  Springfield, Illinois 62704
  ATTN: General Assembly Payroll

 July 8, 2015

 Dear Comptroller Munger:

Effective with the July 31, 2015 Payroll and until further notice, please suspend my  Authorization for Deposit of Recurring Payroll Payments and issue a hardcopy warrant for my Payroll payments.

Furthermore, I refuse to accept my payroll warrants until further notice.

Thomas M. Bennett, 106th District