Rep. Bennett: Democrats pass unfunded bills, skip town for four weeks

Statement of State Representative Tom Bennett on Democrats’ unfunded higher education appropriations bills:

“Our higher education funding crisis has reached critical mass. Students, universities, and community colleges need emergency funding now to get through the rest of this fiscal year, but the vetoed MAP bill and the new, largely unfunded appropriations bill pushed by the Speaker are shams, not solutions,” said State Representative Tom Bennett, a former Community College Board Chairman. “We want to compromise with Democrats to end this budget impasse and restore funding for everyone who’s being caught in the crossfire of Speaker Madigan’s obstructionism – students and colleges, seniors on fixed incomes, and working parents trying to make ends meet. Instead, Speaker Madigan and his allies continue to offer only false promises.”

Representative Bennett and his House Republican colleagues  made a motion to reconvene the
House Friday to continue important budget work, but majority Democrats instead voted to adjourn the House and left Springfield for a four-week holiday. You can listen to Representative Bennett’s comments here.