Rep. Bennett legislation to help drivers, hunters, passes House

SPRINGFIELD – A pair of bills sponsored by State Representative Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City) passed the House this week; House Bill 5651 which assists Illinoisans in renewing their license plate registrations, and House Bill 4558 which protects the rights of law-abiding deer hunters.

“Since the state stopped mailing reminder notices to Illinois drivers who need to renew their registration stickers, we have seen far too many people miss the deadline and potentially receive tickets and fines,” Bennett said. “My legislation would allow a person the option of setting their renewal date on their birthday so that it is easier to remember.”

House Bill 5651 passed the House 109-2 on Tuesday. Bennett said he wanted to allow drivers to have the option of setting their renewal for an easy to remember date so that the absence of a reminder from the Secretary of State would not cause them to miss the deadline.

“The Conservation Police Lodge came to me to express their frustration over catching repeat violators of laws governing deer hunting, only to see those repeat offenders never face a judge and receive only a small fine,” Bennett said. “The legislation the House passed this week would not add new regulations or new penalties, it would just allow a judge to review the case of an egregious, repeat offender to see if something more is warranted. It would protect the rights of law-abiding hunters by discouraging those who violate the law from doing it again and again.”

Bennett’s House Bill 4558 passed the House unanimously on Wednesday. Both bills are now pending in the Senate.

Bennett encouraged residents of the 106th district to contact him at (815) 844-9179, or via his website at