Rep. Bennett announces transportation projects for all five counties of 106th district

WATSEKA –State Representative Tom Bennett (R-Gibson City) announced today that the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has approved 113 transportation improvement projects across all five counties of the 106th District. The projects are funded by the Rebuild Illinois capital bill which Bennett supported this spring, and they represent an investment of over $410 million in the area.

“Safe roads are essential to the survival of our rural communities,” Bennett said. “Buses bringing kids to schools, first responders answering calls, farmers moving their products to markets: they all need good roads. This legislation and the projects it is funding will give our area a safer, more efficient transportation system for many years to come.”

The IDOT plan announced this week is a multi-year transportation program, outlining the 113 projects around the area which have been approved for the next six years. The list covers only those projects authorized by the state. Additional transportation funding from Rebuild Illinois is also available to cities, counties and townships, and they will be announcing their own lists of projects in the future.

“All five counties in our district will benefit from this program,” Bennett said. “It includes funds to rehabilitate pavement on I-39 in Woodford County, reconstruct large sections of U.S. 24 and U.S. 45 in Iroquois County, replace a bridge and improve drainage along Illinois 1 in Vermilion County, rehabilitate the pavement on Illinois 9 in Ford County and make a series of improvements to Illinois 17 in Livingston County. These are just some of the many projects we will see in the coming years thanks to this funding. Many of these are long overdue.”

The full list of projects in the 106th district can be reviewed at: