Encouraging safe driving

Representative Lindsay Parkhurst and I met in Chebanse on Wednesday with Fire Chiefs Jay Hanson and Tim Kent as well as the Illinois Department of Transportation and the State Police to talk about the number of accidents that have occurred in the last few years along U.S. Route 45 and 52 in Kankakee and Iroquois counties. It was a great thoughtful discussion, as everyone has serious concerns for health and safety. In the next few days, plans are in place to make sure we have larger and double stop signs, red reflecting strips, and “cross traffic does not stop” signs, as well as refreshed rumble strips at this location. I appreciate all the efforts to work together, but a lot of the responsibility lies with individual drivers who need to be aware, look both ways when crossing the road and be sure to stop at stop signs. IDOT will continue to monitor this area as we move forward.