Hometown in the Heartland photo contest winners

Congratulations to all the winners of our districtwide 2019 Hometown in the Heartland photo contest. The winners include Grace Mund of Odell, Jennie Kearney and Anniah Barker from El Paso, Karen Gilmoure of Pontiac, Wayne Brown of Watseka and Dena Tjarks from Sibley. Winners unable to attend our awards reception were Diane Perkins, Audrey Kaeb, Bridgette Beltran, Allison Wessels and Sarah Hardinson.

Special thanks also go to our judges and those who helped with picture frame setup: Roger Bard and Dan Worthey, both of Watseka. I appreciate Cissna Park Mayor Chad Verkler and Odell Mayor Brian Mills for their attendance and support. Congratulations to all our contest winners and their families. The winning photos will be displayed in my offices here in the district and the Capitol complex for the next year. Thanks to all who entered and who helped showcase the many beautiful scenes here in our area.