Donating the pay raise

Over the summer, state legislators in Illinois got a pay raise which we did not deserve. Legislation I sponsored which would have stopped the raise from going into effect was not called for a vote, and so our salaries automatically went up. I have pledged that I will not keep the increase that was added to my paycheck, and over the last few months I have been donating the raise each month to a non-profit which serves the people of our district.

Recently I visited the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry and clothing store in Pontiac. I toured their facility and talked with Father Adam and Evelyn Ribordy about the important work they do there. More than 1500 of our neighbors are served by St. Vincent de Paul each month.

This week I also stopped by the Multi-Agency Service Center in Hoopeston and met with Beth Bray Knecht and Valarie Hinkle of the Hoopeston Chamber to donate another of these pay raise checks to their food pantry and thrift store. They provide needed assistance to individuals and families in northern Vermilion County and the surrounding communities. Each of these agencies meets an important need in the area, and I was honored to present them with a donation this month.