Retailers ask Illinoisans to avoid hoarding; more news from state agencies

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The statewide toll-free hotline for coronavirus questions and concerns in Illinois is 1-800-889-3931. You can find information from the Illinois Department of Public Health at and the federal Centers for Disease Control at You can also get information by visiting my website at

Supply chain functioning well, no call for hoarding of goods

One of the topics that has been on the minds of many during the coronavirus emergency has been the inability to find certain items in local stores. Yesterday we saw a statement from the Illinois Retail Merchants’ Association about the important work they are doing to keep the supply chain moving and ensure that Illinois stores are able to re-stock their shelves with necessary goods.

We can help them to do so by avoiding the temptation to hoard items when we visit the store. While a surge in demand may have caused your local store to run out of a certain item, the suppliers and those who work in the transportation industry are working around the clock to make it possible for goods to be re-stocked as quickly as possible. Truck weight limits have been raised, truck drivers can now work longer hours if they feel it is safe to do so, and municipal ordinances restricting the hours during which deliveries can be made have been waived during the emergency.

All of this helps our local stores re-stock their inventory and makes products available to shoppers. Hoarding items creates an artificial crisis and likely causes more problems than it solves. Think of your friends and neighbors as we work through this time together.

More news from around the state:

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More information will be available in the coming days. I will keep you posted on developments from state agencies. Thank you for the honor of being your representative in Springfield. Please stay safe and remember that we are all in this together!